After the breakup of his band leaving Friends of Friends without friends, front man Barnaby Baker has been working hard to bring the project's music to the forefront of Australian Alt-pop.

Setting the tone with ambient soundscapes, off centred riffs and brazen percussion, Friends of Friends draws from an introspective view of coming-of-age in coastal towns across Queensland. With a new wave influence complimented by post-punk and electronic, their sound entangles the line between pop, melancholic alternative and dance. Having stark contrasts in lyrical and sonic themes, Friends of Friends oppose percussive, tight licks and screaming guitar lines with moody atmospheres and a dance-driven bass that rests upon infectious drum rhythms.

With the release of their next run of singles, Friends of Friends is creating ambitious alt-pop that will have you dancing with your friends, or comforting you when they arenโ€™t around.


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melancholic, yet uplifting ballad that has the perfect vibe for any sleepless night.
— Broken Chord